More May 17th…

Just started walking today after a day of sleeping and ended up walking all the way up to Times Square. I love the street vendors here because you can get good stuff for cheap. Back at home the only place to get clothes is at the mall in the department stores. I got a legit scarf for 6 bucks off the street. So I took some pictures… enjoy.
I Wish They Had Sabretts In Denver!!!!
New Scarf Picture Here!!!!!!
M&M’s World Is Where It’s At!!!!!!
Yes There Is A God And He Put Chipotle All Around The World For His People


2 responses to “More May 17th…

  1. Shane, you are such a striking man with such style and pizazz! What an absolutely delicious scarf, you sport it well. Oh and I bet God has chipotles everywhere in heaven. with pools of salsa and chips galore

  2. That scarf is going to look great when you are out for a Sunday drive in the country behind the wheel of your green convertable…top down of course! Do you have any “Grey Poopon”? (spelling, I know…or maybe not)

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