1st Post In Quite Some Time

Hi again everyone, sorry I didn’t post for a long time and thank you for bugging me about posting more often.

Things have gotten into a great flow and I’ve been staying busy just about every waking hour these last few weeks.

Today was very interesting because I learned a valuable lesson today. It is incredible the stories you will hear if you simply take an interest in the people around you and ask them about there lives. I had three great conversations with people today with whom I have been living with but never took the time to really get to know.

I spoke to Cebert. Cebert is on staff at the Bowery. He was born and raised in Jamaica, then moved to the U.S. to get married. Cebert told me about how he used to be a detective in Jamaica and about the times he went undercover in Jamaican prisons. He once spent three months in a Jamaican prison undercover (for his safety, even the guards at the prison were not told that he was not really a criminal.)

I also spoke to Joshua, a current volunteer at the Bowery. Josh taught himself guitar back in Australia where he grew up. He then joined a metal band and fell into the temptations of tour life (drugs, women, etc…) He, like many of the men here at the mission, hit bottom and found redemption in Christ. He then went on to turn from the approval and wishes of his friends and band mates, and went on a personal mission around the world. He has traveled creation to places like Israel and India and is still on his journey in Manhattan.

Finally it was great getting to know another staff member today, Terry. Terry told me about the 28 years he spent at Merrill Lynch starting as a floor trader and working his way up. He moved from the West Indies at the age of 14, graduated college in Canada by 17, and moved to New York to get involved in the finance world. I feel I have found an valuable connection in Terry and I hope I can continue to learn from him.

Anyway, moral of the story is, ask people about their lives, because everyone has a story.


One response to “1st Post In Quite Some Time

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Shane. Keep digging – you’ll be suprised at the wealth of wisdom you will find in the most extraordinary places.
    By the way, how did Cebert end up at the Bowery?

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