In Florida Now

Okay after 20 straight hours of driving we are now in Sarasota Florida having a wonderful time relaxing. We are staying with a family who owns an auto dealership and they have some of the sickest cars I have ever seen. They have a brand new Camaro just like the one in Transformers and, my personal favorite, an M6 BMW that is scarlet red with matching rims. We get to drive around the piece of junk Escalade all week 🙂 I’m jk it’s super duper smooth and an incredible car.

For now we are just chillin and relaxin. Got some wonderful food at a seafood restaurant and one of the staff members I am on vacation with is a 5 star cook and is going to prepare a great meal for us tomorrow night. Anyway I’m here until Tuesday, hope everyone is doing great back at home. I miss you all.



One response to “In Florida Now

  1. I was hoping to see you modeling that snappy new pinstripe….don’t forget your sunscreen on that lilly white skin! Miss seeing you. You are in my prayers.

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