Okay Okay! So Much Has Happened

The trip to Florida was great! Paul and Mandy Yoder and some great people and they blessed us soooo much. We ate great all week long and got to relax a ton. But I now know I would never ever live in Florida, TOO HOT!!!!!!!

The best part of the trip was when Wilmon (the other driver here at the Bowery) got to branch off from the path to see his family members that he hasn’t seen in over a year. They did not even know if he was alive or not. Here is a quick version of his story:

One year ago, on June 6th, the police showed up to raid Wilmon’s house. Him and his buddy had enough drugs in there to put them in jail for 10-15 years. Turns out the search warrant the police tried to use had a typo, the address was one number off. So he fled to New York City with a buddy and after a falling out with aforementioned buddy, he ended up at the Bowery. One year later, Wilmon is a man of God. He loves to say that he used to drive for the devil (drug trafficking), now he drives for Jesus. Some pictures of him and his family are below.

Now I’m back at the Bowery, and I only have 20 days left until I come back to Colorado. Time has flown and its been incredible. Sad news here at the Bowery, Abraham (pictured in an earlier post) had to be put down because of a birth defect in his brain that was making him sick.

One quick person I would love you guys to pray for is Jason. He is semi new at the Bowery and has never really understood what it means to be a follower of Christ. But wow is the Lord drawing him in. I have rarely seen someone so curious about Jesus and the Word. Pray that he can be patient and understand that it takes time to gain wisdom about the Lord. Pray that the Lord continues to draw him in, and pray that he can have the strength to stick with it. He actually just came to the door, thats kind scary.



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  1. Nice, mighty nice…

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